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Mixed media 

cm 30x40, 2019


Emanuele Gregolin was born in 1972, in Milan. He studied at the Umberto Boccioni Art School, attending the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. At the same time he completed the study of the piano. He lives and works in Novate Milanese.

Public Collections and Foundations: Palazzo Bovara Confcommercio (Milan), Historical archive of the Duomo (Verona), Sanctuary of Lourdes (Verona), Museum of the Vittoriale of the Italians (Gardone Riviera), Gallery of Sacred Art of the Contemporaries of Villa Clerici (Milan), Church of San Carlo Borromeo (Lugano), Giuseppe Verdi House Foundation (Milan), MuSa Civic Museum (Salò), Villa Arconati Augusto Rancilio Foundation (Milan), Kiron Collection (Paris), Museo Parisi Valle (Maccagno), Church of San Carlo Borromeo (Novate Mil .se), Villa Magnisi Collection (Palermo), Town Hall of Villa Venino (Novate

Emanuele Gregolin - Pagine

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